System-Generated OID REF Columns

SQL*Loader assumes, when loading system-generated REF columns, that the actual OIDs from which the REF columns are to be constructed are in the data file with the rest of the data. The description of the field corresponding to a REF column consists of the column name followed by the REF clause.

The REF clause takes as arguments the table name and an OID. Note that the arguments can be specified either as constants or dynamically (using filler fields). See "ref_spec" for the appropriate syntax. Example 11-13 demonstrates loading system-generated OID REF columns.

Example 11-13 Loading System-Generated REF Columns

Control File Contents

INFILE 'sample.dat'
INTO TABLE departments_alt_v2
  (dept_no      CHAR(5),
   dept_name    CHAR(30),
1 dept_mgr     REF(t_name, s_oid),
   s_oid        FILLER CHAR(32),
   t_name       FILLER CHAR(30))

Data File (sample.dat)

22345, QuestWorld, 21E978406D3E41FCE03400400B403BC3, EMPLOYEES_V2,
23423, Geography, 21E978406D4441FCE03400400B403BC3, EMPLOYEES_V2,


The callout, in bold, to the left of the example corresponds to the following note:

  1. If the specified table does not exist, then the record is rejected. The dept_mgr field itself does not map to any field in the data file.