Data-Only Unload of Selected Tables and Rows

Example 2-2 shows the contents of a parameter file (exp.par) that you could use to perform a data-only unload of all tables in the human resources (hr) schema except for the tables countries and regions. Rows in the employees table are unloaded that have a department_id other than 50. The rows are ordered by employee_id.

You can issue the following command to execute the exp.par parameter file:

> expdp hr PARFILE=exp.par

A schema-mode export (the default mode) is performed, but the CONTENT parameter effectively limits the export to an unload of just the table's data. The DBA previously created the directory object dpump_dir1 which points to the directory on the server where user hr is authorized to read and write export dump files. The dump file dataonly.dmp is created in dpump_dir1.

Example 2-2 Data-Only Unload of Selected Tables and Rows

QUERY=employees:"WHERE department_id !=50 ORDER BY employee_id"