DBNEWID Parameters

Table 19-1 describes the parameters in the DBNEWID syntax.

Table 19-1 Parameters for the DBNEWID Utility

Parameter Description


Specifies the username and password used to connect to the database. The user must have the SYSDBA privilege. If you are using operating system authentication, then you can connect with the slash (/). If the $ORACLE_HOME and $ORACLE_SID variables are not set correctly in the environment, then you can specify a secure (IPC or BEQ) service to connect to the target database. A target database must be specified in all invocations of the DBNEWID utility.


Specify YES to indicate that a failed change of DBID should be reverted (default is NO). The utility signals an error if no change DBID operation is in progress on the target database. A successfully completed change of DBID cannot be reverted. REVERT=YES is valid only when a DBID change failed.


Changes the database name of the database. You can change the DBID and the DBNAME of a database at the same time. To change only the DBNAME, also specify the SETNAME parameter.


Specify YES to indicate that DBNEWID should change the database name of the database but should not change the DBID (default is NO). When you specify SETNAME=YES, the utility writes only to the target database control files.


Specifies that DBNEWID should write its messages to the specified file. By default the utility overwrites the previous log. If you specify a log file, then DBNEWID does not prompt for confirmation.


Specify YES to append log output to the existing log file (default is NO).


Specify YES to print a list of the DBNEWID syntax options (default is NO).