Identifying Data in the Control File with BEGINDATA

If the data is included in the control file itself, then the INFILE clause is followed by an asterisk rather than a file name. The actual data is placed in the control file after the load configuration specifications.

Specify the BEGINDATA statement before the first data record. The syntax is:


Keep the following points in mind when using the BEGINDATA statement:

  • If you omit the BEGINDATA statement but include data in the control file, then SQL*Loader tries to interpret your data as control information and issues an error message. If your data is in a separate file, then do not use the BEGINDATA statement.

  • Do not use spaces or other characters on the same line as the BEGINDATA statement, or the line containing BEGINDATA will be interpreted as the first line of data.

  • Do not put comments after BEGINDATA, or they will also be interpreted as data.

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