FIXED length

The FIXED clause is used to identify the records as all having a fixed size of length bytes. The size specified for FIXED records must include any record termination characters, such as newlines. Compared to other record types, fixed-length fields in fixed-length records are the easiest field and record formats for the access driver to process.

The following is an example of using FIXED records. It assumes there is a 1-byte newline character at the end of each record in the data file. It is followed by a sample of the data file that can be used to load it.

CREATE TABLE emp_load (first_name CHAR(15), last_name CHAR(20), year_of_birth CHAR(4))
                         ACCESS PARAMETERS (RECORDS FIXED 20 FIELDS (first_name CHAR(7),
                                                                    last_name CHAR(8),
                                                                    year_of_birth CHAR(4)))
                         LOCATION ('info.dat'));

Alvin  Tolliver1976
KennethBaer    1963
Mary   Dube    1973