record_format_info Clause

The record_format_info clause contains information about the record, such as its format, the character set of the data, and what rules are used to exclude records from being loaded. Additionally, the PREPROCESSOR clause allows you to optionally specify the name of a user-supplied program that will run and modify the contents of a data file so that the ORACLE_LOADER access driver can parse it.

The record_format_info clause is optional. The default value, whether the clause is specified or not, is RECORDS DELIMITED BY NEWLINE. The syntax for the record_format_info clause is as follows:

The et_record_spec_options clause allows you to optionally specify additional formatting information. You can specify as many of the formatting options as you wish, in any order. The syntax of the options is as follows:

The following et_output_files diagram shows the options for specifying the bad, discard, and log files. For each of these clauses, you must supply either a directory object name or a file name, or both.