Example 3: Exporting a Composite Partition

Assume emp is a partitioned table with two partitions, m and z. Table emp is partitioned using the composite method. Partition m has subpartitions sp1 and sp2, and partition z has subpartitions sp3 and sp4. As the example shows, if you export the composite partition m, then all its subpartitions (sp1 and sp2) will be exported. If you export the table and specify a subpartition (sp4), then only the specified subpartition is exported.

Parameter File Method

> exp scott PARFILE=params.dat

The params.dat file contains the following:


Command-Line Method

> exp scott TABLES=(emp:m, emp:sp4) ROWS=y

Export Messages

Information is displayed about the release of Export you are using and the release of Oracle Database that you are connected to. Then, status messages similar to the following are shown:

About to export specified tables via Conventional Path ...
. . exporting table                            EMP
. . exporting composite partition                    M
. . exporting subpartition                         SP1          1 rows exported
. . exporting subpartition                         SP2          3 rows exported
. . exporting composite partition                    Z
. . exporting subpartition                         SP4          1 rows exported
Export terminated successfully without warnings.