Warning, Error, and Completion Messages

This section describes the different types of messages issued by Export and how to save them in a log file.

Log File

You can capture all Export messages in a log file, either by using the LOG parameter or, for those systems that permit it, by redirecting the output to a file. A log of detailed information is written about successful unloads and any errors that may have occurred.

Warning Messages

Export does not terminate after recoverable errors. For example, if an error occurs while exporting a table, then Export displays (or logs) an error message, skips to the next table, and continues processing. These recoverable errors are known as warnings.

Export also issues warnings when invalid objects are encountered.

For example, if a nonexistent table is specified as part of a table-mode Export, then the Export utility exports all other tables. Then it issues a warning and terminates successfully.

Nonrecoverable Error Messages

Some errors are nonrecoverable and terminate the Export session. These errors typically occur because of an internal problem or because a resource, such as memory, is not available or has been exhausted. For example, if the catexp.sql script is not executed, then Export issues the following nonrecoverable error message:

EXP-00024: Export views not installed, please notify your DBA

Completion Messages

When an export completes without errors, a message to that effect is displayed, for example:

Export terminated successfully without warnings

If one or more recoverable errors occurs but the job continues to completion, then a message similar to the following is displayed:

Export terminated successfully with warnings

If a nonrecoverable error occurs, then the job terminates immediately and displays a message stating so, for example:

Export terminated unsuccessfully