Default: Data is written to one file until the maximum size, as specified in Table 22-3, is reached.

Export supports writing to multiple export files, and Import can read from multiple export files. If you specify a value (byte limit) for the FILESIZE parameter, then Export will write only the number of bytes you specify to each dump file.

When the amount of data Export must write exceeds the maximum value you specified for FILESIZE, it will get the name of the next export file from the FILE parameter (see "FILE" for more information) or, if it has used all the names specified in the FILE parameter, then it will prompt you to provide a new export file name. If you do not specify a value for FILESIZE (note that a value of 0 is equivalent to not specifying FILESIZE), then Export will write to only one file, regardless of the number of files specified in the FILE parameter.


If the space requirements of your export file exceed the available disk space, then Export will terminate, and you will have to repeat the Export after making sufficient disk space available.

The FILESIZE parameter has a maximum value equal to the maximum value that can be stored in 64 bits.

Table 22-3 shows that the maximum size for dump files depends on the operating system you are using and on the release of the Oracle database that you are using.

Table 22-3 Maximum Size for Dump Files

Operating System Release of Oracle Database Maximum Size


Before 8.1.5

2 gigabytes



2 gigabytes


8.1.5 and later


32-bit with 32-bit files


2 gigabytes

32-bit with 64-bit files

8.1.6 and later


The maximum value that can be stored in a file is dependent on your operating system. You should verify this maximum value in your Oracle operating system-specific documentation before specifying FILESIZE. You should also ensure that the file size you specify for Export is supported on the system on which Import will run.

The FILESIZE value can also be specified as a number followed by KB (number of kilobytes). For example, FILESIZE=2KB is the same as FILESIZE=2048. Similarly, MB specifies megabytes (1024 * 1024) and GB specifies gigabytes (1024**3). B remains the shorthand for bytes; the number is not multiplied to obtain the final file size (FILESIZE=2048B is the same as FILESIZE=2048).