VIEWS_AS_TABLES (Non-Network Import)

Default: There is no default.


Specifies that one or more tables in the dump file that were exported as views, should be imported.

Syntax and Description


The VIEWS_AS_TABLES parameter can be used by itself or along with the TABLES parameter. If either is used, Data Pump performs a table-mode import.

The syntax elements are defined as follows:

schema_name--The name of the schema in which the view resides. If a schema name is not supplied, it defaults to the user performing the import.

view_name--The name of the view to be imported as a table.


  • The VIEWS_AS_TABLES parameter cannot be used with the TRANSPORTABLE=ALWAYS parameter.

  • Tables created using the VIEWS_AS_TABLES parameter do not contain any hidden columns that were part of the specified view.

  • The VIEWS_AS_TABLES parameter does not support tables that have columns with a data type of LONG.


The following example imports the table in the scott1.dmp dump file that was exported as view1:

> impdp scott/tiger views_as_tables=view1 directory=data_pump_dir dumpfile=scott1.dmp