Commands Available in Import's Interactive-Command Mode

In interactive-command mode, the current job continues running, but logging to the terminal is suspended and the Import prompt (Import>) is displayed.

To start interactive-command mode, do one of the following:

  • From an attached client, press Ctrl+C.

  • From a terminal other than the one on which the job is running, use the ATTACH parameter to attach to the job. This is a useful feature in situations in which you start a job at one location and need to check on it at a later time from a different location.

Table 3-2 lists the activities you can perform for the current job from the Data Pump Import prompt in interactive-command mode.

Table 3-2 Supported Activities in Data Pump Import's Interactive-Command Mode

Activity Command Used

Exit interactive-command mode.


Stop the import client session, but leave the current job running.


Display a summary of available commands.


Detach all currently attached client sessions and terminate the current job.


Increase or decrease the number of active worker processes for the current job. This command is valid only in Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.


Restart a stopped job to which you are attached.


Display detailed status for the current job.


Stop the current job.