Example Export Sessions in Table Mode

In table mode, you can export table data or the table definitions. (If no rows are exported, then the CREATE TABLE statement is placed in the export file, with grants and indexes, if they are specified.)

A user with the EXP_FULL_DATABASE role can use table mode to export tables from any user's schema by specifying TABLES=schemaname.tablename.

If schemaname is not specified, then Export defaults to the exporter's schema name. In the following example, Export defaults to the SYSTEM schema for table a and table c:

> exp TABLES=(a, scott.b, c, mary.d)

A user with the EXP_FULL_DATABASE role can also export dependent objects that are owned by other users. A nonprivileged user can export only dependent objects for the specified tables that the user owns.

Exports in table mode do not include cluster definitions. As a result, the data is exported as unclustered tables. Thus, you can use table mode to uncluster tables.