Example Export Session in User Mode

User-mode exports can be used to back up one or more database users. For example, a DBA may want to back up the tables of deleted users for a period of time. User mode is also appropriate for users who want to back up their own data or who want to move objects from one owner to another. In this example, user scott is exporting his own tables.

Parameter File Method

> exp scott PARFILE=params.dat

The params.dat file contains the following information:


Command-Line Method

> exp scott FILE=scott.dmp OWNER=scott GRANTS=y ROWS=y COMPRESS=y 

Export Messages

Information is displayed about the release of Export you are using and the release of Oracle Database that you are connected to. Then, status messages similar to the following are shown:

. about to export SCOTT's tables via Conventional Path ...
. . exporting table                          BONUS          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                           DEPT          4 rows exported
. . exporting table                            EMP         14 rows exported
. . exporting table                       SALGRADE          5 rows exported
Export terminated successfully without warnings.