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Remaps all objects selected for import with persistent data in the source tablespace to be created in the target tablespace.

Syntax and Description


Multiple REMAP_TABLESPACE parameters can be specified, but no two can have the same source tablespace. The target schema must have sufficient quota in the target tablespace.

Note that use of the REMAP_TABLESPACE parameter is the only way to remap a tablespace in Data Pump Import. This is a simpler and cleaner method than the one provided in the original Import utility. That method was subject to many restrictions (including the number of tablespace subclauses) which sometimes resulted in the failure of some DDL commands.

By contrast, the Data Pump Import method of using the REMAP_TABLESPACE parameter works for all objects, including the user, and it works regardless of how many tablespace subclauses are in the DDL statement.


  • Data Pump Import can only remap tablespaces for transportable imports in databases where the compatibility level is set to 10.1 or later.

  • Only objects created by the Import will be remapped. In particular, the tablespaces for preexisting tables will not be remapped if TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION is set to SKIP, TRUNCATE, or APPEND.


The following is an example of using the REMAP_TABLESPACE parameter.

> impdp hr REMAP_TABLESPACE=tbs_1:tbs_6 DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1