LOB Data in Predetermined Size Fields

This is a very fast and conceptually simple format in which to load LOBs, as shown in Example 11-15.


Because the LOBs you are loading may not be of equal size, you can use whitespace to pad the LOB data to make the LOBs all of equal length within a particular data field.

To load LOBs using this format, you should use either CHAR or RAW as the loading data type.

Example 11-15 Loading LOB Data in Predetermined Size Fields

Control File Contents

INFILE 'sample.dat' "fix 501"
INTO TABLE person_table
   (name       POSITION(01:21)       CHAR,

Data File (sample.dat)

Julia Nayer      Julia Nayer
             500 Example Parkway
             jnayer@us.example.com ...


The callout, in bold, to the left of the example corresponds to the following note:

  1. Because the DEFAULTIF clause is used, if the data field containing the resume is empty, then the result is an empty LOB rather than a null LOB. However, if a NULLIF clause had been used instead of DEFAULTIF, then the empty data field would be null.

    You can use SQL*Loader data types other than CHAR to load LOBs. For example, when loading BLOBs, you would probably want to use the RAW data type.