6.3 Creating a Database Application Based on a Table or Query

Select New Application in the Create Application Wizard to create a database application containing multiple pages based on a table you select, or by providing a valid SQL query.

To create a database application:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click the App Builder icon.
  2. Click the Create button.
    The Create Application Wizard appears.
  3. Click New Application.

    The Create an Application page appears.

  4. For Name, enter the name used to identify the application to developers.
  5. For Appearance, you can either:
    • Accept the default (Vita, Side Menu).
    • Change the appearance by clicking the Set Appearance icon adjacent to the Appearance field. The Appearance dialog appears.
      • Theme Style - Select the default theme style used to display the application.


        You can change the style to another pre-defined style, or modify it post generation. To change the style run the application and then click Theme Roller in the Developer toolbar.

      • Navigation - Select if the menu displays on the side of the application or across the top of the application.

      • Application Icon - Click Choose New Icon to select the icon color and one of the available icons. Your selection displays on the home page of the application.

      • Click Save Changes.

  6. To add a page, click Add Page and select the desired page type. The user interface changes based on the selected page type.

    Pages you create display under the Home page.

    You can edit existing pages as follows:

    • Change the page order. To change the order in which pages appear in your application, click and hold the Drag to reorder page icon and drag and drop it to a new location in the list.

      The Home page always displays first and cannot be reordered. Administrative pages always display at the bottom of the list and the order dictates the order they appear in the Application Administration list on the Administration page.

    • Edit a page. To edit a page click Edit. In the dialog, edit the page name, change the icon, specify if the page is a Home Page or Administration Page, or define Page Help.

    • Delete a page. To delete a page, click Edit and the click Delete .

  7. For Features, select features to include with your application. Features provide application-level functionality and can only be added once per application. To learn more, see Help.


    Click the Check All button to select all features.

  8. For Settings:
    1. Application ID - Enter a unique, numeric identifier for your application. This field contains an automatically generated identifier by default. Application IDs between 3000 to 9000 are reserved for internal use by Oracle Application Express.
    2. Schema - Select the database schema which stores the database objects you want to use in this application. Each application obtains its privileges by parsing all SQL as a specific database schema.
    3. Languages - The primary language used in the app. To change the primary language or translate the app into additional languages, click the Select Languages icon.
    4. Authentication - Select how you want users to authenticate into your application..
    5. Advanced Settings - Click the icon adjacent to the Advanced Settings to edit the application definition settings and preferences and security and globalization attributes. To learn more, see Help.
    6. User Interface Defaults - Click the icon to apply User Interface Defaults to this application.
  9. Click Create Application.