8.2.2 Creating a Report by Dragging and Dropping from the Gallery


When you drag and drop a report region from the Gallery, you must provide the underlying SQL query.

To add a report by dragging and dropping from the Gallery:

  1. View the page in Page Designer:
    1. On the Workspace home page, click the App Builder icon.
    2. Select an application.
    3. Select a page.
    Page Designer appears.
  2. In the Gallery at the bottom of the central pane, locate the report type you want to create.

    The Gallery lists all controls or components you can add to a page. Passing the cursor over a control or component displays a tooltip that describes it.


    In addition to dragging and dropping components from the Gallery, you can also right-click a component in the Gallery to view a context menu. Select Add To and then the location where you want to add the component.

  3. Click and hold the mouse on the component to be created and drag it the desired location in the Layout tab.

    When the mouse is over the appropriate location, the Layout tab displays as a darkened yellow tile. Release the mouse to drop the component. You can only drop components into appropriate drop positions, as determined by the component type.

    Based on the type of component you add, Page Designer indicates what actions are required next. The Messages tab displays a red or yellow badge indicating the number of messages you need to address.

    The following example shows a new Interactive Report region with an error message indicating that a SQL statement is required.

  4. Edit the appropriate attributes in the Property Editor.


    To view help for an attribute, select the attribute in the Property Editor and click the Help tab in the central pane.

  5. To save your changes click Save. To save and run the page, click Save and Run Page.

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