8.3 Managing Interactive Grids

An interactive grid presents users a set of data in a searchable, customizable report. In an editable interactive grid, users can also add to, modify, and refresh the data set directly on the page. Functionally, an interactive grid includes most customization capabilities available in interactive reports plus the ability to rearrange the report interactively using a mouse or keyboard. With the Actions and Column Heading menus, users can hide, filter, freeze, highlight, sort, and create control breaks on individual columns. Advanced users can also define aggregations, which appear at the bottom of the column or column group.

Developers control how an interactive grid works by editing Region attributes, interactive grid Attributes, and Column attributes in Page Designer. For example, editing interactive grid Attributes determines whether the underlying data is read-only or editable by users.


To learn more about features and capabilities of interactive grids, install the sample application, Sample Interactive Grids. See "Installing a Packaged Application."