7.9 Switching from Legacy Component View to Page Designer

Component View is a legacy user interface for editing application pages. Oracle recommends developers use Page Designer instead of Legacy Component View. Certain components such as interactive grid and Oracle JET charts can not be maintained using the Legacy Component View. Unlike Page Designer, Legacy Component View does not offer a visual representation of a page or support the dragging and dropping of page components. To preview the position of components on a page, you must run it.


To assist developers with the transition to Page Designer, Page Designer includes a Component View tab. Similar in appearance to Legacy Component View, the Page Designer Component View tab presents user interface elements and application logic by component type. However, when you click a component and the Property Editor highlights the corresponding attribute in the right pane. See "Component View Tab".


Component View is disabled by default. To enable Component View, edit your user preferences. See "Editing User Preferences".

To switch from Legacy Component View to Page Designer:

  1. View the page in Component View.
  2. To switch to Page Designer, click the Page Designer icon at the top of the page.

    Page Designer appears.

  3. Select an application.