Oracle Support Rewards Overview

With Oracle Support Rewards, you can earn rewards when using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, and those rewards can be applied to pay for support contracts that customers have for other eligible on-premises Oracle products.

For example, a customer can be both an OCI customer, and have an on-premises Oracle database enterprise license that they invoice for monthly. The customer's OCI usage allows them to earn rewards that they can apply to pay the Oracle database enterprise support contract invoice. These invoices are paid in a separate Billing Center system outside of OCI. As a result, Oracle Support Rewards can help lower your support bill.

Oracle Support Rewards are tied to your subscription, if your subscription is enrolled. Support rewards are accrued at the rate specified in your universal credits order document, and can be redeemed against support invoices for eligible products.

Oracle Support Rewards also integrates with Organization Management. Namely:

  • Both parent and standalone tenancies can see their rewards.
  • Parent tenancies can view their own rewards, plus their child tenancy rewards.
  • Child tenancies can't see their rewards. Child tenancies viewing the Oracle Support Rewards page only see a message indicating that they're signed in to a child tenancy, because Oracle Support Rewards are only visible from the parent tenancy.

Using the Oracle Support Rewards page, an OCI administrator can view what rewards have accrued, and they can also drill into what specific usage earned them their rewards.

You can perform the following support rewards tasks:

Also see the following instructional videos about Oracle Support Rewards:

Required IAM Policy

To use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you must be granted security access in a policy  by an administrator. This access is required whether you're using the Console or the REST API with an SDK, CLI, or other tool. If you get a message that you don’t have permission or are unauthorized, verify with your administrator what type of access you have and which compartment  to work in.

If you're new to policies, see Getting Started with Policies and Common Policies.

To use Oracle Support Rewards, the following policy statements are required. To view rewards:

allow group <group name> to read support-rewards in tenancy

To view and authorize users to redeem rewards in the Billing Center:

allow group <group name> to manage support-rewards in tenancy