Deprecated Database Service APIs

This topic lists deprecated APIs for the Database service.

Deprecated Exadata Cloud Service APIs

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Exadata DB system APIs were deprecated on November 15, 2020. Existing Exadata systems can be converted to the new Exadata resource model to use the new APIs. See Switching an Exadata DB System to the New Resource Model and APIs for more information.

Important! Support for the Exadata DB system APIs will end on May 15, 2021. Oracle recommends that you migrate your Exadata Cloud Service instances to the new resource model APIs as soon as possible. Converting to the new resource model does not involve any system downtime.

Unsupported API Replacement APIs
LaunchDbSystem (deprecated for Exadata systems only) CreateCloudExadataInfrastructure and CreateCloudVmCluster
ListDbSystems (deprecated for Exadata systems only) ListCloudExadataInfrastructures and ListCloudVmClusters
GetDbSystem (deprecated for Exadata systems only) GetCloudExadataInfrastructure and GetCloudVmCluster
ChangeDbSystemCompartment (deprecated for Exadata systems only) ChangeCloudExadataInfrastructureCompartment and ChangeCloudVmClusterCompartment
UpdateDbSystem (deprecated for Exadata systems only) UpdateCloudExadataInfrastructure and UpdateCloudVmCluster
GetExadataIormConfig (deprecated for Exadata systems only) GetCloudVmClusterIormConfig
UpdateExadataIormConfig (Exadata systems only) UpdateCloudVmClusterIormConfig
TerminateDbSystem (deprecated for Exadata systems only) DeleteCloudExadataInfrastructure and DeleteCloudVmCluster

Deprecated Autonomous Data Warehouse APIs

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Autonomous Data Warehouse APIs were deprecated on Feb. 15, 2019.

Important! Support for these Autonomous Data Warehouse APIs will end on Jul. 1, 2020. Oracle recommends that you migrate your database workloads to the replacement APIs as soon as possible.