Using the Mobile App

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Mobile app let you review alerts, notifications, and limits on the go. Quickly access information about infrastructure resources, billing, and usage data from your mobile device. Read more to learn about installing and using the app.

Download Now

To download and install the app, click the Google Play Store or Apple App Store badge below and follow the instructions at the link.

Google Play Store Badge

Apple App Store Badge

Alternately, in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, select the app, and follow the installation steps.

This app is supported on the following operating systems:
  • Android 8 and later versions
  • iOS 11 and later versions

Signing In

To sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Mobile app, use the same credentials and steps that you use to sign in to the Console. For more information, see Understanding the Sign-In Options.

The first time you sign in, you must read and accept the End User License Agreement to access the app.

Switching Regions

Your current region is displayed at the top of the mobile app. If your tenancy is subscribed to multiple regions, you can switch regions by selecting a different region from the Region picker.

Switching Time Zones

You can set the mobile app to use UTC time or local time. To switch the time zone:

  1. In the app, open the Profile menu (User menu icon) and then tap Settings.
  2. In the Time zone menu, tap Local or UTC.

Signing Out

To sign out of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Mobile app, open the Profile menu (User menu icon) and then tap Sign Out.

Contacting Support

To open a support request for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Mobile app, sign in to the Console on a computer and the follow the steps to create a support request. When you create the request, in the issue summary, include the prefix OCI Mobile to specify that the support request is for the mobile app. For more information, see Getting Help and Contacting Support.

To create a support request
  1. Open the Help menu (Help menu icon), go to Support, and click Create support request.

  2. Enter the following:

    • Issue summary: Enter a title that summarizes your issue. Avoid entering confidential information.
    • Describe your issue: Provide a brief overview of your issue.
      • Include all the information that support needs to route and respond to your request. For example, "I am unable to connect to my Compute instance."
      • Include troubleshooting steps taken and any available test results.
    • Select the severity level for this request.
  3. Click Create Request.