Getting Help and Contacting Support

When using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, sometimes you need to get help from the community or to talk to someone in Oracle support. This page provides more information about accessing these tools.


Console announcements appear at the top of the Console to communicate timely, important information about service status. For more information, see Console Announcements.

View Related Documentation and Videos

Use the Help menu to access documentation and support. The listed documentation relates to the current Console page.

Open the Help menu (Help menu) and click the documentation link you want.


OCI Customer Support hosts a curated set of videos to help you find answers to common support questions. Browse the OCI Customer Support Videos.

Use a Search Engine

For common issues, someone else has likely asked this question in the past. You can use scoped search to look for answers in Oracle documentation and Oracle forum platforms – Cloud Customer Connect and Stack Overflow. To perform a scoped search, go to your favorite search engine and specify the site URLs along with your specific search terms, as follows:

<Your Search Terms> ( OR OR

Use Support Chat in the Console

Use Support Chat to get immediate help with common issues. To connect to the Oracle Support Digital Assistant: Open the Help menu (Help menu) and click Chat with us.

A chat window opens that connects you to My Oracle Support.

Post a Question to Oracle Forums

If you can't find an answer to your question through search, submit a new question to one of the forums that Oracle supports. This option is available to all customers.

Cloud Customer Connect

For any issue related to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including provisioning of new resources, Console issues, identity, networking, documentation, storage, database, Edge services, or other solutions, you can post a question to Cloud Customer Connect at:

If you're using only Always Free resources or using a Free Tier account, then use Cloud Customer Connect for support queries.

Stack Overflow

If you're creating an application that integrates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure APIs, endpoints, or services, then you can also use Stack Overflow forums for development-related questions. Tag your questions with oracle-cloud-infrastructure, as follows: