Managing Connectors

Manage connectors to define the flow of data between a source and target service.


To avoid deactivation by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, validate that the connector successfully moves data by checking for expected results at the target service. For more information, see Deactivation for Unknown Reasons.

The following pages show how to manage connectors:

Before You Begin

Use policies to grant access to connectors in Connector Hub and to access resources for moving data.

To use Connector Hub, you must be given the required type of access in a policy  written by an administrator, whether you're using the Console or the REST API with an SDK, CLI, or other tool. If you're new to policies, see Getting Started with Policies and Common Policies.If you're new to policies, see Getting Started with Policies and Common Policies.

To move data, your connector must have authorization to access the specified resources in the source , task , and target  services. Some resources are accessible without policies. Default policies providing the required authorization are offered when you use the Console to define a connector. These policies are limited to the context of the connector. You can either accept the default policies or ensure that you have the proper authorizations in custom policies for user and service access. For more information about connector authorization, see Access to Source, Task, and Target Services.

Administrators: For common policies that give groups access to connectors in Connector Hub, see IAM Policies (Securing Connector Hub).