About Oracle Database Service for Azure

Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure (ODSA) allows you to easily integrate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Database service into your Azure cloud environment. ODSA uses a service-based approach, and is an alternative to manually creating complex cross-cloud deployments for your application stacks.

Available Oracle Database Systems

Oracle Database Service for Azure offers the following products:

  • Oracle Exadata Database: You can provision flexible Exadata systems that allow you to add database compute servers and storage servers to your system at any time after provisioning.

  • Autonomous Database on shared Exadata infrastructure: Autonomous Database provides an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database that scales elastically, delivers fast query performance, and requires no database administration.
  • Base Database: Using ODSA, you can deploy Oracle Enterprise Edition or Oracle Standard Edition 2 databases on virtual machine DB systems. You can deploy single-node systems or 2-node RAC systems.