Service Change Announcements

This section includes details about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure breaking changes such as deprecated features, deprecated APIs, and service behavior changes.

Block Volume

Full backups removed from Oracle defined backup policies

Service Change: Oracle defined backup will no longer include full volume backups.

Date Announced: November 3, 2020

Date in Effect: November 3, 2021

Details: Starting November 3, 2021, Oracle defined backup policies will no longer include full volume backups. All volume backups generated from Oracle defined policies will be incremental backups. This change applies to existing volume backup policy assignments and new volume backup policy assignments. This change does not impact user defined policies, they will remain unchanged.

Does this impact me? If you have assigned an Oracle defined policy to boot volumes or block volumes for scheduled backups, full backups will no longer be generated after November 3, 2021.

What do I need to do? Incremental backups are functionally the same as full backups for data recovery purposes, for more information, see Volume Backup types. No action is needed for data recovery scenarios.Some compliance scenarios may require scheduled full backups. For these compliance scenarios, change the backup policy assignment to a user defined backup policy prior to November 1, 2021. You can create a new user defined policy from an existing backup policy, see Duplicating Existing Backup Policies.