Images for Compute Cloud@Customer Instances

On Compute Cloud@Customer, an image is a template of a virtual hard drive. The image provides the OS and other software for a compute instance. You specify an image to use when you create a compute instance.

These are the types of images you can use to create a compute instance:

  • Platform images: Compute Cloud@Customer includes Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris images. These included images are available in every compartment of every tenancy. These images don't need to be downloaded or imported to access them to create an instance. See Compute Cloud@Customer Platform Images.

  • Custom images: You can create a custom image of a compute instance's boot disk and use it to create other compute instances. Instances you create from your image include the customizations, configuration, and software installed when you created the image. See Managing Custom Images.

  • Bring your own image (BYOI): You can bring your own versions of images to the cloud as long as the underlying hardware supports it. See Bring Your Own Image (BYOI).

For a list of Oracle tested OSs, see Guest Operating Systems.


Images for Compute Cloud@Customer must have paravirtualized network devices and boot volumes. SR-IOV network devices and iSCSI boot volumes are not supported.