Data Science

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science is a fully managed and serverless platform for data science teams to build, train, and manage machine learning models using OCI.

The Data Science service:

  • Provides data scientists with a collaborative, project-driven workspace.

  • Enables self-service, serverless access to infrastructure for data science workloads.

  • Includes Python-centric tools, libraries, and packages developed by the open source community and the Oracle Accelerated Data Science (ADS) SDK, which support the end-to-end lifecycle of predictive models:

    • Data acquisition, profiling, preparation, and visualization.

    • Feature engineering.

    • Model training (including Oracle AutoML).

    • Model evaluation, explanation, and interpretation (including Oracle MLX).

    • Model deployment.

  • Integrates with the rest of the OCI stack, including Functions, Data Flow, Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Object Storage.

  • Helps data scientists concentrate on methodology and domain expertise to deliver more models to production.