About Logging Analytics

Oracle Logging Analytics is a cloud solution in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that lets you index, enrich, aggregate, explore, search, analyze, correlate, visualize and monitor all log data from your applications and system infrastructure on cloud or on-premises.


Oracle Logging Analytics provides multiple ways of gaining operational insights from your logs. You can:

  • Use the log explorer UI
  • Aggregate log information into dashboards
  • Utilize the APIs to ingest and analyze data
  • Integrate with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services

The interactive visualizations provide several possibilities to slice and dice the data. Use the Cluster feature to reduce millions of log entries down to a small set of interesting log signatures, making it easy for you to review. The Link feature enables you to analyze logs in a transaction or identify anomalous patterns using the grouped view.

Logging Analytics overview block diagram

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Advanced Analytics Use Cases

Link Cluster Others

Time series data (EBS Concurrent Request Logs)

Detailed analysis of access logs (FMW WLS Server Access Logs)

Virtual fields (SAR CPU Logs)

SQL Statement as the Field of Analysis (Database Audit Logs, Database Audit XML Logs, Oracle Unified DB Audit Log Source Stored in Database 12.1)

Navigation functions (Database Alert Logs)

Time taken between steps in a transaction (Access Logs)

Charts for multiple fields

Second level aggregation (Access Logs)

Using currency symbols (Gasoline prices)

Examples of Tile Layout in Link (Mostly Kubernetes)

Cluster using SQL fields (Exadata SQL Cluster)

Use Dictionary Lookup in Cluster (Linux Syslog Logs)

Cluster Compare

Semantic Clustering

Parse Log Records with Multiple Timestamps

Leverage Log Partitioning

Create Dashboard filters