Visualize Data Using Charts and Controls

Use the Visualize panel of Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics to present search data in a form that helps you better understand and analyze.

Using the Visualization Panel

Consider a situation where you’ve performed a search operation on your log data either by using the Search field or by using the target or field attributes. Now, you want to visualize the search results in a specific format for analysis.

In this section, you’ll refer to the search results, and use the Visualize panel of Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics to represent the search data in the required format.

Drag the Data and Visualize palettes to increase or decrease their size for better visualization with the charts.

To visualize the search results generated for analyzing the log data over the last 30 days:
  1. Open the navigation menu and click Observability & Management. Under Logging Analytics, click Log Explorer.
  2. Select the time range Last 1 month.
  3. In the Visualize panel, click the visualization options.
  4. Select any simple visualization such as Records With Histogram (open records with histogram).

The data is represented in the form of a table with histogram.


  • To return to your previous view, click the browser back button.

  • Click Show Log Scale to view the smaller values that aren’t otherwise visible on the chart. The option is made available when Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics detects there are small set of logs that are not visible in the current visualization. It's a useful option to highlight small values.

  • If you run a query that needs to fetch data for a long duration, such as the last 7 days or the last 1 month, then Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics may take some time to display the entire result set in the selected visualization. In this case, Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics keeps updating the visualization until the query has finished running.

  • When the data collection is in progress, the display on the chart might be incomplete. There’s a drop-off in the visualization for the incoming data. This can be observed on any of the charts of Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics that involve real-time display of incoming data.