Installing Smart View Silently

The silent installer wrapper follows these rules:

  • It passes the value of the /v parameter intact to the MSI.

  • The /s flag is converted to /qn and passed to the MSI. There is no need to specify the /qn parameter if /s is already present in your script.

  • Unless the /v parameter contains any /q specifier, the wrapper passes /qb+ to the MSI.

To run silent installations:

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Navigate to the directory of the Oracle Smart View for Office installer.
  3. Run the installation commands in Table 2-3; for example:
    • To install in the default directory, run:

      SmartView.exe /s
    • To install in another directory, run:

      SmartView.exe /s /v" INSTALLDIR=<target path>"

      For example:

      SmartView.exe /s /v" INSTALLDIR=D:\SmartView"
    • To specify the location of UpdateList.xml, run:

      SmartView.exe /s /extensionupdatelist=<path to UpdateList.xml>
    • To run a silent installation and log the installation sequence:

      SmartView.exe /s /v" INSTALLDIR=D:\SmartView /L*v c:\install.log"
  4. Optional: Run your organization-specific commands to deploy to your users the Windows Registry settings noted in Registry Settings to Reduce Timeouts and Flickering.