Running Command Line or Silent Installations

Oracle Smart View for Office can be installed from the command line. Additionally, administrators can enable silent installations—installations that do not require settings to be specified each time—for Smart View and Smart View extensions. The silent installation command can be included in scripts to automate installation.


Silent installations are only supported for admin users.

Use the options in Table 2-3 to install Smart View from the command line and for silent installations.

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Table 2-3 Command Line Options for Smart View Installations

Option Usage
/v"command line options" Specifies command line options to be passed to the Smart View MSI installer.

For example, to specify the installation directory, use:

/v "INSTALLDIR=<path>"

To enable logging, use:

/v "l*v <log file path and name>"
/s Runs the Smart View installer in silent mode.
/Office=64 Installs or uninstalls only the 64-bit version of Smart View
/Office=32 Installs or uninstalls only the 32-bit version of Smart View
/extensionupdatelist= Path to UpdateList.xml
/x Uninstalls Smart View

Before You Begin

Before you begin, follow the procedure in Installing from My Oracle Support or Oracle Technology Network to download the Smart View installation zip file and unzip it to the folder you will be working in.