Activating an Order from Oracle Cloud

If you’ve ordered a subscription from Oracle Sales, and you don’t have the activation email, you can activate your services by logging in to your account from the Oracle Cloud website.

To request us to activate your service orders, open My Account:
  1. Open your web browser and go to the Oracle Cloud website:
  2. Click Sign in to Oracle Cloud, and then click Sign in to Cloud.
  3. Scroll down to the Order Management section of the page, and click My Account.
  4. Enter your account user name and password and click Sign In.
    The Dashboard page in My Account opens.
  5. Click Orders.
  6. Scroll down the page to find the order that has the services you want to activate.
    You can also select Pending Activation from the Show menu to display only those orders that have one or more services that need to be activated.
  7. Click Activate.

    The Oracle Cloud Order Activation wizard opens and steps you through activating your services.

    The information you provide depends on the type of service you’re activating. Not all services require the same information.

  8. In the Oracle Cloud Order Activation wizard, complete the Select Services page.
    • The wizard displays the Select Services page only if this purchase order includes line items for more than one Oracle Cloud service.

    • The Select Services page displays the details for the order you selected and lists the services in your order.

    • Select the service you want to activate.

    • Click Next.

  9. Complete the Assign Service Details page.
    The information you provide depends on the type of service you’re activating. Not all services require the same information.

    Based on the service name and identity domain name that you enter, Oracle Cloud generates the service preview URL for most of the services in the following format:


    For example:
    Service URL Preview

    The generated service URL preview changes as and when you update the service name, the identity domain name, or both. Note that the actual format of service URL preview can vary based on the service type.

    For Oracle Cloud Software as a Service (Oracle SaaS) applications, such as Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Cloud Service, we deploy two instances of the service and one instance is for production; the other instance is for testing.

    You have one URL for your production service instance and one URL for your test service instance. Each instance is in its own identity domain. We append -test to your specified identity domain to create a unique domain name for the test instance. For example, if you enter ourdomain as the identity domain name and hcm as the service name, then your service URLs begin with:

    ourdomain.hcm… (production) ourdomain-test.hcm… (test)

    See About the Assign Service Details Page for field descriptions in this page.

  10. Complete the Associations page. Specify the services associations, if any.
    The wizard displays the Associations page only if you’re activating a service that can be associated with other services. The Associations page lists both the required and optional services. Required associations can be added or removed later. However, optional associations selected during activation cannot be added or removed later.

    For example, Oracle Java Cloud Service service requires Oracle Database Cloud Service. Optionally, you can associate Oracle Java Cloud Service with Oracle Sales Cloud Service if the service is configured within the same identity domain.

    When the selected identity domain contains Oracle SaaS applications such as Oracle HCM Cloud Service or Oracle Sales Cloud Service, you can select only 1 application to associate with the selected service. By default, the None radio button is selected. However, if the selected domain contains only 1 such service, then it’s selected by default. It is also possible to activate

  11. Review the Activate Services page and verify that the responses you provided are correct.
    If you need to make changes, click the Go Back button Go Back button to navigate to the previous pages.
  12. To request us to activate the services you selected, click Activate.
  13. Review the information on the Review Summary page.
    • Verify that your request to activate the service was submitted successfully.

    • Note the details about your service.

    • Check out the other options, such as activating another service or viewing all the services in your account.

  14. Click Close.