Assign Advanced Roles

Use this section to assign multiple administrative or user roles to the user.

Expand this section to add advanced roles to the user. Roles are instance-specific. Some services, such as Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (HCM) Service, have two instances: one instance for testing and one instance for production. To allow a user to access both the test instance and the production instance, assign a role that belongs to each instance.

You can select one or more roles, and then use the left and right arrows to move the roles back and forth between the Available Roles column and the Selected Roles column.


Simple and advanced role selections are mutually exclusive; you can’t switch between them. Use one or the other for role assignments.

To assign the roles:

  1. To assign a single role, select the role and click the right arrow button.
  2. To assign consecutive roles, use the Shift key to select the roles, and then click the right arrow button.
  3. To assign non-consecutive roles, use the Ctrl key to select the roles, and then click the right arrow button.
  4. To assign all available roles to the user, click >>.
  5. Click Add.
Oracle Cloud sends an email notifying the user that an account was created. The email includes the following sign-in credentials:
  • The user's sign-in name.

  • A temporary password. Users are forced to change their temporary password when they sign in the first time.

  • The name of the identity domain.