Assign One Role to Many Users

Oracle Cloud lets you assign one role to many users.

Task 1: Verify the User Accounts Exist

Before you can assign a role to a group of user accounts, the user accounts must exist. See Create a Traditional Cloud Account User or Import a Batch of User Accounts.

Task 2: Create or Edit a CSV File to Assign a Role to Many Users

You can create a comma-separated values (CSV) file that contains user information and then upload the CSV file to assign a role to all the users identified in the file.

To assign one role to many users, the CSV file needs to list only the email address for the appropriate users. The first row (line) in the file must be Email. This is the column heading. Each subsequent row specifies the email address for one user. For example:

CSV file

To create a CSV file, you can use a standard spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet, or you can use a text editor, such as Notepad or TextPad. You must be sure to save the file in a valid CSV format.

Spreadsheet applications make it easy to create, edit, and save CSV files. You can use standard features to add and delete rows of data, edit individual fields, search for records, or sort the list.

The CSV file must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be ANSI or UTF-8 encoded

  • Must not be larger than 256 KB (maximum file size)

  • Must include one column with this exact heading: Email

  • Doesn’t use a comma when there is only one value

If you already created a CSV file to import user accounts, then edit the CSV file to include only those users to which you want to assign a role.
  • You can select one role to assign to all the users listed in the CSV file and then you can repeat the process to assign additional roles to the group of users.

  • You can create as many CSV files as needed to assign roles to your users.

Task 3: Assign the Role in a Batch

To assign one role to all the users listed in a CSV file:

  1. Sign in to Applications Console or Infrastructure Classic Console.

    Sign in to the Applications Console if you want to work with Oracle Cloud Applications. Sign in to Infrastructure Classic Console if you want to access Oracle Cloud infrastructure and platform services. If you see Infrastructure Classic at the top of the page when you sign in to Oracle Cloud, then you are using Infrastructure Classic Console and your subscription does not support access to the Infrastructure Console.

    Be sure to specify the appropriate identity domain.

  2. Open the navigation menu. Under Account Management, click Users.

  3. Click the Roles tab if you want to assign a predefined role; click the Custom Roles tab if you want to assign a custom role.

  4. Click Batch Assign Role.

  5. To find and select the CSV file you want to use, click Browse.

  6. To select the role you want to assign to all the users listed in the CSV file, use the drop-down list.

  7. Click Assign. The system processes the file and assigns the role you selected to each user listed in the CSV file.

    When the system finishes processing the file, the Batch Assign Role dialog box displays the following results:

    • The total number of users assigned the role and the name of the role assigned.

    • The total number of users not assigned the role, the user names, and the reason for the failure. For example, the system can’t assign a role to a user account the does not exist.

When you make changes to the role assignments, the changes aren’t immediate.

See Learn About Cloud Account Roles.