Assign a Simple Role

After you enter the basic information about the user, you can assign one or more roles to this user. Roles control access to applications, resources, and services.

Assign basic roles to the user, such as the Identity Domain Administrator role, or the service-specific user or administrator roles:
  • To assign the Identity Domain Administrator role, select the Identity Domain Administrator check box.
  • To assign service-specific roles, select a service from the Service list.
    To assign the service instance administrator role, select an instance from the Instance list before selecting a role. You can select one or more instances. Purged or canceled instances aren’t displayed in the list.
  • If your account has service entitlements, then select Entitlement Administrator. An entitlement administrator can create or delete service instances.
  • If you purchased one or more metered service categories, then assign the Bucket Entitlement Administrator role to the user. This role is enabled only if you purchased metered services. Select the service, and then select Bucket Entitlement Administrator.
After the user account is created, Oracle Cloud sends an email notifying the user that an account was created. The email includes the user’s sign-in credentials:
  • The user's user name.

  • A temporary password. Users must change their temporary password when they sign in for the first time.

  • The name of the identity domain and data region.

Identity domain administrators and service administrators can modify an existing user account and change the roles assigned to a user.

If a user forgets a password, then an identity domain administrator can reset it.