Modifying Language and Time Zone Preferences

If required, you can change the language and time zone preferences that you had set when you logged in for the first time to the application.

In the case of services other than Oracle Public Cloud Services, graphs and usage data are displayed only in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). In addition, certain on-screen text, such as metrics name, metrics description, and service plan names are displayed in the default language, English.

To change display and time zone preferences:
  1. Sign in to the application.
  2. Click the Preferences option from the logged-in user name menu at the top of the dashboard.
    This displays the Preferences page.
  3. Select your preferred language from the Language list.
  4. Select the country and the related time zone from the Timezone list.


    If your country doesn’t have a specific time zone, select Other from the Timezone list. When you select Other, the time zone list displays a list of all the available universal time zone values. Select a time zone from the list as applicable.

  5. Click Advanced to set your preferred locale, if required. You can select a locale in addition to your language and time zone preferences to use some of the Oracle Cloud services that support additional languages and locales. By default, the locale is set to the language you have selected.
    1. Select a locale from the Preferred Locales list.
    2. Click Save to save your changes.
Infrastructure Classic Console or Applications Console displays the on-screen text and the metrics based on the language and the time zone that you selected. If you select a locale, then date, time, number, percentage and name will be displayed based on the selected locale.

You can place the mouse pointer over the ? icon next to the bar graphs to view the updated time zone information.


The status and uptime data are always displayed based on the time zone of the service data center, and not based on the user’s time zone preference.