Exploring the My Account Dashboard

This section explains the elements on the dashboard in My Account.

To open the My Account Dashboard page, sign in to My Account. The Dashboard page is in focus. You can also click Dashboard at any time to display the page.

Use the My Account Dashboard page to check the overall health of your active services. You can view service status, outages, and availability percentage.


If you’ve subscribed to service entitlements, no details (top metrics or availability percentage) are displayed on the dashboard. See Viewing Service Details in My Account for Entitlements.

The following table describes the key information shown on the My Account Dashboard page.

Element Description

Active status icon

Cloud icons indicate the current status of a service.

Hover the cursor over the icon for a brief explanation..

Service name and type

Associated service link

Unique name assigned to the service and the type of Oracle Cloud service, displayed in the following format:

service-name (service-type)

Click the service name to open the details page, which displays status history, availability history, usage metrics, and additional information for the selected service.

See Viewing Service Details in My Account.

In addition, displays:

  • Type of subscription: Trial, Paid, Promotion or List Price.

    • For trial subscriptions, this field also provides the current status of the service or the expiration date if the service is active.

    • When you purchase a paid subscription to a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, such as Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Cloud Service, Oracle deploys two instances of the service. One instance is for testing; the other is for production. The cloud icon includes TEST below the image to indicate a test instance. Each instance is in its own identity domain.

    • For credit promotions, a flag is displayed indicating that the service is under promotion with the subscription type as List Price.

  • Name of the Oracle data center and time zone where the service is located. For entitlements, data region (For example, US) is displayed instead of data center.

  • Name of the identity domain to which the service belongs. The identity domain controls the authentication and authorization of the users who can sign in to an Oracle Cloud service.

  • Version number in the case of SaaS applications.

  • Name of the associated service. Click the service name link (if available) to open the details page for that service. You can view the details of associated services only when they are active.

  • Name of any partner applications that has been deployed.


The Current Status section uses color to indicate the daily status of each service for the past 7 days. At a glance, you can see whether a service was up, down, or not yet active.

For cells that indicate planned outages or service incidents, date and time in the hover text is displayed according to the time zone preferences you had set during login. If you didn’t set a time zone preference, then the date and time is displayed according to the data center’s time zone. Date labels below the service status chart, however, are displayed according to the data center’s time zone.

Calendar icon to indicate the service is not yet activated. Before Activation (white with diagonal lines)

Calendar icon to indicate the service is up. Service Up (green)

Planned Outage Planned Outage (gold)

Calendar icon to indicate service is down. Service Incident (red)

Clicking the Current Status link takes you to the Overview tile of the service details page.

Note: If there are multiple service incidents in a day, the cell color corresponds to the most severe incident of the day. For example, if a service was down (color coded red) and under maintenance (planned outage, color coded gold) on a single day, the cell color displays red.

See Monitoring Historical Status and Availability Percentage.

Top 2 metrics

For services other than Oracle Public Cloud services, the top two metrics over the last 7 days are displayed.

Clicking the name of a specific metric takes you to the Business Metrics tile of the service details page with the graph displaying the details of the selected metric. See Monitoring Utilization and Business Metrics.

Availability icon

The Availability icon displays the percentage of time that a service was up during the past 14 days.

To view the availability percentage for a single day, hover the cursor over that day on the calendar.

Clicking the Availability link takes you to the Overview tile of the service details page.

See Monitoring Historical Status and Availability Percentage.

Credits Icon

For metered Oracle Public Cloud Services, this icon displays:

  • Cloud service name.

  • Subscription type such as Pre-Paid, Pay-as-you-go, or Trial.

  • Data center name.

  • Identity domain name.

  • Cloud Services account name.

  • Service category such as Oracle Database Public Cloud Services or Oracle IaaS Public Cloud Services.

  • Up-to-date, estimated account balance details for a particular Oracle Public Cloud Service or an entitlement. Note that this excludes expired purchase amounts.

My Account displays an entry for each Oracle Public Cloud Service (unless the service is still in the Initialized state) within an Oracle Public Cloud Services account.

Show: All Services

Use the options on the Show menu to display all your services or only those services that satisfy the criteria you select from the menu.


  • All (default value): Shows all your services available in a particular Oracle Cloud account.

  • Favorites: Shows a list of your favorite services. Alternatively, you can click the grey star button next to Show menu to quickly display the favorite services on the Dashboard page. Clicking the star button when it’s blue will change the Show filter back to All. This star button will appear next to Show menu only after you’ve selected at least one favorite service.

  • Pending Activation: Shows all the services that are yet to be activated.

  • Active: Shows all the active services.

  • Inactive: Shows all the inactive services.

  • Metered Services: Shows only the metered services and metered service entitlements.

  • Applications: Filters the list to show only the selected Oracle SaaS service.

  • Platform Services: Filters the list to show only the selected Oracle Platform as a Service (Oracle PaaS) service. For example, selecting Database shows only your Oracle Database Cloud Services and selecting Java shows only your Oracle Java Cloud Services.

  • Trial Subscriptions: Filters the list to show only those services that have a trial subscription.

  • Paid Subscriptions: Filters the list to show only those services that have a paid subscription.

To filter by entitlements, select the required service from one of the above categories. For example, to show Documents, which is a service entitlement, select the service from the Platform Services category in the Show filter.

You can also search for predefined service types in the search box provided in the Show menu by typing a few characters of the service name. The system suggests possible matches and the list is refined to display only those.

Scope: All Identity Domains

Use the options in the Scope menu to filter services by identity domain. By default, the dashboard displays services across all domains.

You can select a specific identity domain or search for it by entering a few characters of the identity domain name in the search box provided. The system suggests possible matches and the list is refined to display only those. You can then select the identity domain that is required from the list.

Favorites Icon

Use this icon to mark a particular service as a favorite. Marking a service as a favorite adds the service to the list of favorite services. After you’ve marked at least one service as a favorite, the favorites (star) icon appears next to the Show filter.

If you select multiple services as favorites, then the service that you added most recently to the list is displayed first. You can mark up to a maximum of 8 services as favorites. If you have already selected 8 favorite services, and you try to add another service as a favorite, then a pop-up window appears prompting you to deselect one of the existing favorites before you can add this new service to the list of favorites.

Favorites are persistent only within the application in which they are selected. Therefore, favorites that you select in My Account aren't automatically listed as favorites in Infrastructure Classic Console or Applications Console, and vice versa.

If a service that’s marked as a favorite becomes inaccessible (for example, if a signed-in user is no longer a service administrator for a service that the administrator has marked as a favorite), then the service won’t appear on the Dashboard page when you view the list of favorite services.  However, if you’ve already selected four favorite services and you attempt to add a fifth service that’s inaccessible, then the pop-up window to replace an existing favorite will display Inaccessible subscription ${subscription_id} for the inaccessible service.

After you’ve marked services as favorites, you can quickly view the list of your favorite services by either clicking the star icon next to the Show filter, or selecting Favorites from the Show filter. The icon color turns from gray to blue after you click it. Click this icon again to remove a service from the list of favorite services.

Details Link

Click the Details link to view the service details page for the selected service. This link is displayed only when the service is active or locked.

Action Icon

Click the Action icon to select options for:

Select Metrics

Click this icon to display the Select Metrics for Dashboard dialog box where you can select the service-related metrics that you want to display on the dashboard.

You can select a maximum of 4 metrics for metered Oracle Public Cloud Services and a maximum of 2 metrics for nonmetered Oracle Cloud services. If a service has fewer than two metrics, then this icon is disabled.

Metering Parameter

Displays the summary of the metering parameters for the service.

A maximum of four metrics can be displayed for each service in the case of Oracle Public Cloud Services. However, for other services, only two metrics can be displayed.

Quota Breach

This indicates if you have exceeded the quota of any of the metering parameters or resource usage for a particular service.

Click the link to view the Account Usage page with the QUOTA BREACH DETAILS tile (for service entitlements) or Estimated Account Balance tile (for metered services).

Note that the My Account Dashboard page:

  • By default displays four service entries at a time. However, if Oracle Public Cloud services are listed in the current page, then My Account displays more than four entries; a record per service within each Oracle Public Cloud Services account. Use the Next and Previous links to navigate across pages.

  • Displays only those services for which you’re an account administrator. The services can be located in any data center and any identity domain. The services can have a trial, paid, or prepaid subscription.

  • Displays only Oracle SaaS applications, Oracle PaaS services, and Oracle Public Cloud Services. It doesn’t display your custom applications that have been deployed to an Oracle Cloud service.