Viewing Service Details in My Account for Entitlements

If you’ve subscribed to an entitlement to create instances of an Oracle Cloud Service, then you can view the purchased quotas of the entitlement in My Account.

Account administrators can view the purchased quotas of resources but can’t view the metrics or status for each service instance.

To view the details of an entitlement:
  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate service listing.
  3. Click the service name to open the details page for that service.
  4. Click each tile to view more information about this service. By default, the Overview tile is in focus.
    The following table provides a brief description of each tile. Review the service information and available options.

    Tile Description


    Displays additional information about the service, including plan, service dates, subscription ID, service instance ID, and account information. Historical status or uptime percentage isn’t displayed.

    Resource Quotas

    The right pane displays the type of resources, the purchased limit or quota, and the available balance of these resources.

    Identity Domain Administration

    This tile contains the following tabs:

    Identity Domain: You can change the display name of the identity domain for the selected service from this tab. See Changing an Identity Domain Name.

    Identity Domain Administrators: This tab displays the identity domain administrators for the selected service within a domain. You can also add additional identity domain administrators or promote existing users as identity domain administrators. See Adding Identity Domain Administrators.