Viewing and Editing Service Maintenance Requests

Service administrators or users with the appropriate privileges can view, edit, or cancel scheduled service maintenance requests in Infrastructure Classic Console or Applications Console. Note that environment refresh requests can’t be edited or canceled.
To view or modify service maintenance requests, do the following:
  1. Sign in to Applications Console or Infrastructure Classic Console.
    Sign in to the Applications Console if you want to work with Oracle Cloud Applications. Sign in to Infrastructure Classic Console if you want to access Oracle Cloud infrastructure and platform services. If you see Infrastructure Classic at the top of the page when you sign in to Oracle Cloud, then you are using Infrastructure Classic Console and your subscription does not support access to the Infrastructure Console.
  2. Navigate to your service listing in the dashboard.
  3. Click Maintenance and Service Requests from the Action icon Action menu. For instances that are still in initialized state, this option is disabled.
    The Service Request Details page is displayed, which displays the maintenance requests calendar.
  4. Select the desired request to view and modify its details. You can only change the time slots and contact details.
  5. In the Service Request Details page, click Edit My Request.
    1. To cancel your request, click Cancel and click Ok to confirm your cancellation. Note that you can only cancel requests that are pending approval or under review. To cancel approved requests, contact Oracle Support with the service request number.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and click Next.
  7. Select a new time slot from the calendar. To retain the previous time slot, click Keep Original Date.
  8. Provide the contact details and click Submit Changes.
Changes are visible only after service maintenance requests are approved.