Enable and Customize Content Delivery Through Agents

You can use agents to deliver your content. This feature isn't enabled automatically. To display the Create Agent link on the Classic home page, grant the View Delivers Full UX privilege to the BI Content Author application role.


You also have to enable this feature if you import a snapshot taken from an early update of Oracle Analytics Cloud that didn’t support the Delivers Full UX privilege.

If you need to, you can sets some limits on emails sent by agents. For example, you can set limits for email size, email domains, and the number of recipients. By default, there aren't any limits. Can also customize whether to send emails using TO or BCC, and how to encode MIME email parameters.

  1. Enable agents to deliver your content by email.
    1. On the Classic Home page, click the user profile icon and then click Administration.
    2. Click Manage Privileges.
    3. Navigate to the Delivers section, and grant View Delivers Full UX to BI Content Author.
    Now, users with the BI Content Author application role can see the Create Agent link on the Classic Home page.
  2. Customize agent delivery.
    1. In the Oracle Analytics Home page, click the Navigator, and then click Console.
    2. Click System Settings.
    3. Click Email Delivered by Agents.
    4. Customize the way agents deliver email for your organization by setting a maximum email size, a maximum number of recipients, restricting email domains, whether to use BCC, how to encode MIME email parameters, and so on.