Set Up a Public Container to Share Visualizations

Administrators can set up a public web storage container in Oracle Cloud so that content authors can share their data visualizations with others.

  1. Create the public container in Oracle Cloud.
    1. In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, navigate to Object Storage.
    2. On the Object Storage tab, click Create Bucket, and create a container with a suitable name, such as publicanalytics.
    3. Select the bucket, and click Update Visibility.
    4. Select Public, and verify that Allow users to list objects from this bucket isn't selected.
      Set visibility to public
    5. Click Save.
  2. Configure the public web store in Oracle Analytics.
    1. In the Oracle Analytics Home page, click the Navigator, click Console, and then click Social.
    2. For Service, select Public Web Store.
    3. To specify a public container for the first time or change the existing container, click Edit.
    4. Enter Storage Container URL.

      Use the REST endpoint URL format:

      For example:

      See Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation, Ways to Access Object Storage.

    5. For Storage User and Storage Password, enter the user name and password of a user with read and write access to the public container.
    6. Click Save.

      If you decide to use a different public container in the future, links to content that people have already shared through the existing public container continue to work but they can’t be updated. Newly shared content is stored in the new location.

    7. Change Status to Active.
After you set up and activate the channel, Public Web Storage displays as an option on the Export menu.