Set Up a Public Container to Share Visualizations

Only Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic This topic applies only to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic.

You can set up and activate a public storage container so that other users can share their data visualizations.
  1. Click Console.
  2. Click Social.
  3. For Service, select Public Web Store.
  4. To specify a public container for the first time or change the existing container, click Edit.
  5. Specify the container you want to use to share content. The container must exist and be set up as a public container, that is, a container with global read access.
    1. Enter Storage Container URL.

      Use the REST endpoint URL format:

      For example:

      To find the REST endpoint URL for the storage container, go to the Storage Classic page in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic Console, and click Account. The REST Endpoint value for the service is displayed. Copy the REST endpoint and append this value with your container name: <Rest Endpoint>/<PublicContainerName>

    2. Enter the user name and password of a user with read and write access to the public container.
  6. Click Save.
  7. If you’re making changes to an existing public container, confirm that you want to continue.

    Links to content that people have already shared through the existing public container continue to work but they can’t be updated if you decide to use a different public container. Newly shared content is stored in the new location.

  8. Click Activate.