Troubleshoot General Issues

This topic describes common problems that you might encounter and explains how to solve them.

I can’t sign in to Oracle Analytics Cloud

You’re likely trying to sign in using the incorrect credentials. You must sign in to Oracle Analytics Cloud using the Oracle Cloud Identity Domain credentials that were mailed to you from Oracle or provided by your administrator.  You can’t sign in to Oracle Analytics Cloud using your account credentials for

I'm having trouble resetting my password

When you sign up to use Oracle Analytics Cloud, you get an e-mail with a temporary password. Be careful if you copy and paste this password. If you accidentally include a blank space at the start or end of it when copying, then the password won't be recognized when you paste it in. Make sure that you paste only the password without any blank spaces.

I can’t access certain options from the Home page

Check with your administrator to ensure that you have the correct permissions to access the options that you need.

I see a performance decrease when using Mozilla Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox and notice a decrease in the performance of the cloud service, then ensure that the Remember History option is enabled. When Firefox is set to not remember the history of visited pages, then web content caching is also disabled, which greatly affects the performance of the service. See Firefox documentation for details on setting this option.

I'm having trouble uploading data from a spreadsheet (XLSX) exported from Microsoft Access

Open your spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and resave it as an Excel Workbook (*.xlsx).

When you export spreadsheets from other tools the file format can vary slightly. Saving your data again from Microsoft Excel can fix this.

My analysis or project times out

You attempt to run an analysis or project and find that it times out. You see a message similar to this:

[nQSError: 60009] The user request exceeded the maximum query governing execution time.

This message is displayed when an Oracle Analytics query spends more than the allotted time communicating with the data source. For performance reasons, the limit for a single query to run is 10 minutes.

Try running the query again. To prevent this error, avoid long running queries.


For direct connections to Oracle Database, the query limit automatically extends to 60 minutes to accommodate occasional, longer running queries. To avoid excessive loads on the database, Oracle Analytics restricts the number of queries that are allowed to automatically extend at any one time. If your analysis or project connects to any other data source or connects to an Oracle Database indirectly through Data Gateway, the query limit is always 10 minutes; the limit doesn't extend beyond 10 minutes.