Example: Connect to a Semantic Model Remotely Using SQuirrel

This example shows how to connect to a Oracle Analytics Cloud semantic model using JDBC with SQuirrel SQL Client tool.

  1. Register the JDBC driver.
    1. In SQuirrel SQL Client, under Drivers, click Create a New Driver.
    2. In the Example URL field, specify the BIJDBC application URL with a fully qualified properties file.
      For example: jdbc:oraclebi:https://abcdefghi123-jklmnopqrs4t-je.analytics.ocp.oraclecloud.com:443/bimodeler/api/jdbc?BIJDBC_PROPERTIES_FILE=D:\\Workspace\\bijdbc\\bijdbc.properties
    3. In the Extra Class Path tab, select the BIJDBC driver (JAR file) you downloaded from Client Installer.
    4. Click List Drivers, and under Class Name select oracle.bi.jdbc.AnaJdbcDriver, then save the details.
    Add driver information
  2. Create a connection or (alias).
    1. Under Aliases, click Create a New Alias.
    2. In the Driver option, select bijdbc.
    3. Edit the URL, specify credentials (if required), then click Test.

      If credentials are provided in the property file, you don't need to specify User Name or Password.

    4. Validate the connection by connecting to the Alias and exploring the metadata in the Objects section.
    Add connection details
  3. In the SQL tab, enter a sample logical SQL query and click the Run button.

    For more information, see Logical SQL Reference Guide.

    If the connection is working, the Results tab shows the results of your query.

    Test connection
  4. Check the Results tab to verify the rows returned by the query.