Adjust Visualization Properties

You can customize how the visualizations in your project look and function. For example, you can specify the location of the legend, the number format, and the font type and size used in titles and labels; you can turn tooltips on or off, and you can add statistics such as clusters and outliers.

The tabs displayed depend on the type of visualization that you're working with.
  1. In the Visualize canvas, select a visualization.
    The visualization's properties display in the Properties pane.
  2. Use the tabs in the Properties pane to adjust the visualization's properties as needed. The most common tabs and options are described in this table:
    Properties Pane Tab Description
    General Change and format the visualization's title and legend. Change the title's font, size, and color.

    Change the background image or color from automatic to custom and specify the custom details at the canvas and project levels.

    Turn the tooltip on or off.

    Axis Turn grid lines on or off. Set the axis labels for horizontal and vertical values and the axis values to start and end.

    Display or hide the axis labels.

    Change the axis label's text. Change the label text's font, size, and color.

    Edge Labels Show or hide a table visualization's headers. Change the table's header, data, and total text's font, size, and color.

    Add or remove column totals.

    Wrap column labels. Change a column text's font, size, and color.

    Action Add URLs to Tile, Image, and Text Box visualizations.

    Change the display and placement of the data labels. Change the labels' font, size, and color.

    Change numbers to display as currency or percentage.

    Change the aggregation method.

    Display a trellis row (Y2 axis).

    Analytics Add clusters or outliers to the visualization.

    Add reference lines, trend lines, and bands to display at the minimum or maximum values of a measure included in the visualization.

    Filters Change and format the visualization's filter title and selection names. Change the font, size, and color.