Adjust Visualization Properties

You can change the visualization properties such as legend, axis values and labels, data values, and analytics.

The Auto Visualization mode is turned off if you change the visualization properties.
  1. In the Visualize canvas, select a visualization to display the properties in the properties pane.
  2. In the properties pane tabs, adjust the visualization properties as needed:
    Properties Pane Tab Description
    General Format the title, legend, and selection effect and customize descriptions.
    Axis Set the axis labels for horizontal and vertical values and the axis values to start and end.
    Data Sets Override the way the system automatically blends data from two data sets.
    Edge Labels Show or hide row or column totals and wrap label text.
    Action Add URLs or links to insights in Tile, Image, and Text Box visualizations.

    If you use Chrome for Windows or Android, the Description text field displays a Dictate button (microphone) that you can use to record an audio description.

    Style Set the background and border color for Text visualizations.
    Values Specify display options for data values including the aggregation method such as sum or average, and number formatting such as percent or currency. Specify the format for each value data element in the visualization; for example, aggregation method, currency, data, or number format.
    Date/Time Specify display options for date and time including how you show the date or time (for example as Year, Quarter, Month, Week) and what format to use (for example, Auto or Custom).
    Analytics Add reference lines, trend lines, and bands to display at the minimum or maximum values of a measure included in the visualization.