1 Basics

What can I do with Oracle Analytics Day by Day?

Oracle Analytics Day by Day is an innovative app that provides the right analytics at the right time and place.

Based on your searches for business data in the app, it learns what you’re interested in, when and where you’re interested in it, and it displays the data in ready-to-use analytical charts. The app displays the analytical charts as cards.

With Oracle Analytics Day by Day, you can:

  • Search for business data in your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance.


    Search in the app searches for data but doesn't search for existing content such as titles of workbooks or reports.
  • Add the search results to the app's recommended list as analytic cards, if you're an administrator; otherwise add the search results to your feed.

  • Access the analytical cards when and where you want them without searching for them repeatedly.

  • Perform voice queries to generate the analytical cards.

  • Invite colleagues from the contacts list on your mobile device to use the app.

  • View insights about the cards.

  • Share with nearby users across the iOS and Android operating systems.

  • Share and collaborate on the analytical cards privately with individual users or groups of users. Users can be either:
    • Suggested users; who are in the contacts list on your mobile device and are also registered users of the app with an email address that exactly matches the email of the user ID that they use for the app.

    • Users; who are available in your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance and are also registered users of the app.

  • Add comments that are visible to all on the analytical cards.

Are there any prerequisites for this app?

Yes, you must have access to Oracle Analytics Cloud with BI Author and DV Consumer roles.

What is the Recommended feed?

Recommended feed displays the cards that your organization wants everyone to view.

It also displays the popular searches and the cards that have been shared with you by others.

What is your feed?

Your feed is a series of analytical cards that are meaningful to you based on what's going on with your business in a week, month, or since the time you started using the app.

What is a crew?

A crew is a group of users that you most often communicate with regarding your business.

What data does the app use?

The app uses data that is available in your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance based on the subject areas and data sets that are indexed. See Configuring Search Indexing and Index File-Based Data Sets.

Can I add comments to the cards and who can see them?

Yes, you can add public and private comments. These are visible to:

  • Users who share your server and security settings, and search for the same data as you, can see public comments that you add. These users see the same card and any comments that you added to the card. For example, if you and other users search for Revenue and Product, then the app displays the same card and public comments to you and those users.

  • Specific users or crews (groups of users) with whom you share a card can see private comments that you add. For example, if you share a card with specific users or your crew, then the app adds that card to the For You feed of those users. They can view your comments and add their own comments.