Typical Workflow for Consuming APIs in the Developer Portal

To start consuming APIs with the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Developer Portal, refer to the typical task workflow.

Task Description More Information

Register applications

Create entries for your applications in the Developer Portal.

Create an Application

Find APIs

Use the Developer Portal to discover and evaluate APIs.

Find APIs

Learn how to use an API

Review detailed documentation provided with an API to learn how to use it with your applications.

View API Documentation

Subscribe your applications to plans that provide access to APIs

After you’ve found an API you want to use, evaluate the plans that provide access to the API. Then subscribe to a plan to enable your application to begin using the API.

Subscribe to a Plan to Use an API

Review analytics for your applications

Use analytics metrics to determine how an application’s registered APIs are performing, review how often and why requests are rejected, and monitor data trends.

View Analytics for an Application

About Plans Subscriptions

To access an API, applications need to subscribe to a plan that provides entitlement to the API.  A plan can provide access to several APIs, and an application can subscribe to multiple plans to get access to different APIs. However, an application cannot subscribe to different plans that provide entitlement to the same API. For example, suppose Plan A provides access to API1, API2, and API3, whereas Plan B provides access to API1 and API4. Suppose your application has subscribed to Plan A to get access to API1. Now your application requires access to API4 as well. To access API4, your application cannot subscribe to Plan B because Plan B has a common entitlement with Plan A for API1. Your application needs to unsubscribe to Plan A and then subscribe to Plan B to get access to API1 and API4.

Applications can unsubscribe to a plan if they no longer need access to its APIs. Unsubscribing from a plan removes access to all the APIs entitled by the plan. You cannot unsubscribe from individual APIs.

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