Autonomous Data Warehouse

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As a Business Analyst I need to transform data into information using reports and dashboards - and I need to do it fast!

1. Overview of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Learn more about the next-generation, self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud technology that is the foundation of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

2. Creating Your First Autonomous Data Warehouse

Learn how to log in to Oracle Cloud and the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse console and create a new autonomous data warehouse. Then learn how to connect desktop tools such as Oracle SQL Developer, load data using the built-in data loading tools, and run some simple queries on your new data warehouse.

3. Create Applications

Learn how to get started with Oracle's premiere low-code development platform: Oracle Application Express (APEX). Using APEX allows you can easily create new web-based apps based on existing tables in your autonomous data warehouse, based on data in a spreadsheet, or based on an entirely new data model.

4. Visualizing Your Data

Your new autonomous data warehouse includes a built-in, browser-based SQL notebook tool - Oracle Machine Learning. It provides an interactive data analysis environment where teams can work together to build shared, sophisticated reports and dashboards. It is perfect for data scientists, SQL report builders and SQL developers and business analysts.

You can also use Oracle Analytics Desktop with Autonomous Data Warehouse for personal data exploration and visualization. It’s the perfect tool for fast, simple data exploration from multiple sources.

5. Questions?

Use our CloudCustomerConnect forum to ask questions, connect with experts, and share your thoughts and ideas about Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

6. More Information

Check out the following blogs for more information about using Autonomous Data Warehouse and connecting other Oracle Cloud services to your new data warehouse.