Oracle Autonomous Database

Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure

A private cloud in public cloud choice. A completely dedicated compute, storage, network and database service for only a single tenant, providing for the highest levels of security isolation and governance.

Fleet Administrator

As a fleet administrator, learn how to create the core infrastructure resources and institute access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel and applications have network access to the Autonomous Databases created on dedicated Exadata infrastructure.

Application DBA

As an application DBA, learn how to provision Autonomous Databases, set up database users, migrate data into the Autonomous Database, monitor and manage the Autonomous Databases after your fleet administrator sets up the infrastructure resources and defines access controls.


As a developer, learn how to connect to your dedicated Autonomous Database and start developing database applications after your fleet administrator sets up infrastructure resources and an application database administrator (Application DBA) provisions an Autonomous Database with database users.