Autonomous Data Warehouse

REST APIs for both Shared and Dedicated Infrastructure

Whether working on shared Exadata infrastructure or on dedicated Exadata infrastructure, you make calls to the same REST server and use the same endpoints for creating and managing autonomous databases and backups.

REST API Servers

See the list of REST API servers for the data regions where Autonomous Data Warehouse is available.


Use the AutonomousDatabase endpoints to create Autonomous Data Warehouse databases and to perform management operations like stopping, starting, recovering and deleting.


Use the AutonomousDatabaseBackup endpoints to create on-demand backups of an Autonomous Data Warehouse database and to manage existing backups.

REST APIs for Dedicated Infrastructure Only

The endpoints for container databases and Exadata infrastructure apply only when working on dedicated Exadata infrastructure.


Use the AutonomousContainerDatabase endpoints to create and manage Autonomous Container Databases.


Use the AutonomousExadataInfrastructure endpoints to create and manage Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure resources.